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Portfolio & Presentation Case
"University"-Carry All Portfolio
Series Ufolio44
UF441824 18" x 24"
UF442026 20" x 26"
UF442331 23" x 31"
UF442436 34" x 36"

Made of heavy duty and waterproof canvas. Features two
full-zipper compartments; carry straps on the reverse side for
safely carry your T-square, rolled drawing, storage tube or
thripod easel; and one front pocket with a removable brush &
tool holder (12-1/2" x 13-1/2"). Standard handle and adjustable
shoulder for comfortable carriage.
This is an ideal way to transport artwork and supplies!

* Perfect to use together with " transfile"

Note: Sizes given for portfolios, presentation cases, binders, and refill pages are the maximum size of the artwork that can be accommodated, not the outside dimensions.

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